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Designer and Manufacturer of Biscuit Packaging Machinery
Biscuit Packaging Machines
Why Khosla Machines
Why Khosla Machines
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We are manufacturing sealing machine or tube sealing machine. Following are the Brochures for Machinery :

Machine Download Brochure Size Download Video Size
High Speed Logipac 21E Pdf File Download 7.23 MB ----------- -----------
Single Row On-Edge Packing Machine for Biscuits (iPac 21E) Pdf File Download 6.98 MB Video Download 4.04 MB
Multi Row Biscuit Packing Machine (iPac 21FP) Pdf File Download 3.61 MB Video Download 4.20 MB
Canteen / Pile Pack Biscuit Packaging Machine (Finseal 11HS) Pdf File Download 2.36 MB Video Download 5.66 MB
Single Row On-Edge Biscuit Packing Machines (Logipac 51 E) Pdf File Download 2.22 MB Video Download 2.42 MB
Flow Wrap Machine for Biscuits in Tray (Finseal 11) Pdf File Download 2.26MB Video Download 2.26MB

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Biscuit Packaging Machines